Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops: Mindfulness, Stress Management, Resilience

Our wellbeing workshops are a highly effective way to introduce the concepts of Mindfulness, Stress Management and Resilience to your team.

Many of our clients see our workshops as a valuable addition to activities such as wellbeing weeks, team away days or company conferences.

These workshops are informative and engaging, can be tailored to your specific requirements and provide your teams with a range of effective take-away tools to support them in improving their own wellbeing.

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Mindfulness Workshops

Applying the concepts of mindfulness in business has been shown to deliver significant benefits to organisations and their employees. Find out more about the benefits of mindfulness here.

Our mindfulness workshops provide an introduction to mindfulness, an overview of the science underpinning it, the opportunity to experience formal and informal mindfulness practices and a range of take-away exercises for employees to continue exploring mindfulness at work and at home.

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Stress Management Workshops

Organisations are increasingly taking proactive measures to support employee stress management.

Our stress management workshops help attendees understand the causes of stress at work, highlight that stress is a state that we can actively manage, and provide an introduction to stress management techniques.

Resilience Workshops

Mindset and attitude has a significant impact on employee performance on their happiness; increasingly organisations are supporting their teams by offering resilience training within the workplace.

Resilience is the ability to cope with difficult situations and return to a ‘normal’ state of mind after challenges.

Resilience can be developed. Our resilience workshops provide a starting point: introducing the benefits of developing resilience and teaching some practical tools and exercises that can be used to enhance resilience at work.

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Wellbeing Workshops

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