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Mindfulness Workshops

Business Minded are experienced in the delivery of introductory mindfulness workshops.
Mindfulness workshops are a great way to introduce the ideas and benefits of mindfulness within an organisation.
We often deliver these as a precursor to our face to face or online training courses.

Introductory Mindfulness Workshops

Introductory Mindfulness Workshops

We provide engaging introductory sessions and interactive workshops to organisations and leadership teams in order to help introduce the concepts of mindfulness in the workplace and the benefits it brings.

The content is tailored to your specific organisional needs and, as with all of our trainings, we aim to deliver workshops that are informative and practical.

These introductory mindfulness workshops give people the opportunity to learn about the benefits of the practice, gain an overview of the science which underpins mindfulness and experience some exercises for themselves.

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Nikki and Andy Watters of Business Minded all ready to deliver an introductory mindfulness workshop for a financial services client.

We're doing a 'power pose'....which draws on research around the 'mind-body connection' and has been shown to be effective in helping people to prepare for meetings, presentations or similar.

'Antelopes and Emails' is an engaging and informative approach to demonstrating how the 'fight or flight' system, coupled with the way our human brain works, can cause us to feel stressed even when there is no danger.

We often perform this as part of our introductory workshops and it is included as part of our online training.

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