Managing Stress When Things Don’t Go As Expected

Managing Stress When Things Don’t Go As Expected

Perhaps you can recall a time when something wasn’t the way you thought it would be. Maybe you got a payrise but it wasn’t quite as much as you’d hoped for; perhaps you didn’t get the role you applied for; maybe the special dinner you made for your partner was slightly overcooked; perhaps the IT system went down and the project you are leading is now behind schedule; or maybe the client you’d been hoping for new business from didn’t make as big an order as expected.

Stress often arises for us when the reality of a situation doesn’t match up to our expectations. At times like these we can find ourselves caught up in analysing why things aren’t the way we wanted them to be – we get trapped ‘In the Gap’ between expectation and reality.

This type of ‘In the Gap Thinking’ causes us stress, so knowing how to handle these situations and better manage our thinking is an invaluable stress management tool.

The following video comes from our online course ‘Workplace Mindfulness: Stress and Wellbeing’. It explains a little more about how stress arises from ‘In the Gap Thinking’ and introduces some stress management tools to help you when things don’t go according to plan.

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