In-House Workplace Mindfulness Training

Business Minded provides evidence-based workplace mindfulness training to help organisations introduce and benefit from mindful practices

Mindfulness can have a huge impact within organisations: helping to improve wellbeing, enhance performance and significantly reduce sickness due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Online Mindfulness Training

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WorkplaceMT - Mindfulness for the Modern Workplace

WorkplaceMT is a structured approach to introducing mindfulness within organisations and is based on the work of Oxford University's Mindfulness Center. Unlike therapeutic mindfulness WorkplaceMT is specifically adapted to meet the needs of organisations and their teams.

Given the objectives of WorkplaceMT the format and structure of the training differs when compared to therapeutic mindfulness.

This makes for a more accessible, workplace-friendly learning experience.

Workplace MT Online Mindfulness Training

Positive Impact of WorkplaceMT

Case studies and assessments of WorkplaceMT clients have shown:

  • 33% reduction in stress for participants of our public training couse
  • 92% of participants reported improvements in how they managed strong feelings and emotions
  • 85% of participants reported improved relationships with colleagues
  • 100% of participants reported an improvement in their ability to focus at work
  • 100% of participants reported increased ability to function under pressure

Impact of Mental Health on UK Organisations

Research conducted by organisations including MIND, CIPD, HSE and the Centre for Mental Health have found:

  • Time off due to stress, anxiety and depression: 45% of all sickness absences
  • Amount of people who feel 'stressed' or 'very stressed' at work: 41% of those surveyed
  • The average cost of mental ill-health each year: £1,035 per employee
  • The cost to the UK economy of mental ill-health at work: £26Bn


Workplace Mindfulness Training Courses

Our workplace mindfulness training is delivered by experienced mindfulness trainers, qualified to deliver WorkplaceMT courses.
We tailor the specifics of each course for the needs and objectives of the individual organisation.

At a glance:

  • Four and six week workplace mindfulness courses
  • Proven to help participants to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance performance and happiness
  • Delivered via presentations, group activities and interactive exercises
  • Offering practical, useful tools and techniques for managing common workplace challenges
  • Includes mindfulness meditation exercises
  • Introduces informal mindfulness exercises and ‘Stress Busting Tools’ which are appropriate for a busy working life
  • Are designed to be accessible, engaging and relevant
  • Are non-spiritual. The training is scientifically proven ‘mind training’>

In-House Workplace Mindfulness Training

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