In-House Workplace Mindfulness Training

Business Minded specialise in providing evidence-based workplace mindfulness training to help organisations introduce and benefit from mindful practices.
Mindfulness can have a huge impact within organisations: helping to improve wellbeing, enhance performance and significantly reduce sickness due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness Training

Workplace Mindfulness Training

Our workplace mindfulness training courses are delivered by experienced and qualified mindfulness trainers. Our training uses the WorkplaceMT approach, which is based on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and the work of the Oxford University's Mindfulness Centre. It has been refined specifically for workplace settings and has seen numerous successful implementations over several years.

Delivered by qualified trainers and executive coaches, our workplace mindfulness training courses help to improve performance and support mental health and wellbeing.

We tailor the specifics of each course for the needs and objectives of the individual organisation, whilst ensuring the delivery is in keeping with the practicalities of the modern workplace.

Our workplace mindfulness training courses are based on relevant and up to date scientific research, and:

  • Help participants to improve their wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance performance and happiness
  • Are delivered via presentations, group activities and interactive exercises
  • Offer practical, useful tools and techniques for managing common workplace challenges
  • Encompass workplace focussed exercises and examples
  • Include formal mindfulness meditation exercises
  • Introduce informal mindfulness exercises which are appropriate for a busy working life
  • Are designed to be accessible, engaging and relevant
  • Are non-spiritual. The training is scientifically proven ‘mind training’

Our standard course lasts six weeks, with one hour of training per week. We can, however, tailor this and deliver courses over a four week duration.

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