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In our workplace mindfulness blog we provide articles and insights which include the latest research, case studies and advice.
If there is a particular area of workplace mindfulness you would be interested in reading about feel free to drop us a line and we will happily pen a new post for you.

Workplace Mindfulness Blog
Workplace Mindfulness Training

Workplace Mindfulness at JPMorgan

30th October 2017

Wednesday 25th October 2017 – Business Minded deliver Workplace Mindfulness session at JPMorgan This lunchtime workshop entitled “Tools for Managing… Continue Reading

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Mindfulness: Why Bother?

15th September 2017

Mindfulness offers a broad range of benefits to us as individuals and to the organisations we work for. In this… Continue Reading

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Mindfulness for Managing Pressure – Workshop

5th September 2017

Really enjoyed delivering a workshop yesterday to the staff and teachers at Bootham School, York. We looked at how our… Continue Reading

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7 Expert Tips – including one from Nikki!

17th August 2017

We were recently asked to contribute to a blog post about mindfulness for Parks Candles of London, offering tips on… Continue Reading

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Mindfulness for Travellers | Business Minded

Tips for Travellers: Helping Lufthansa Passengers

13th July 2017

Business Minded have recently contributed to an article for Lufthansa PPB, aimed at helping their business travellers to experience the… Continue Reading

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Mindfulness for Business | Business Minded

Mindfulness for the Workplace – A Brief Overview

3rd January 2017

The application of mindfulness in the workplace has been demonstrated to be an extremely effective means of: Developing leadership capabilities… Continue Reading

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Mindfulness Workshops London Hampshire Yorkshire

Business Minded Deliver Mindfulness Workshop at Company Away Day

24th June 2016

This week Business Minded enjoyed running a number of introductory Mindfulness workshops for a fast-growing accounting services company. Watching sketches… Continue Reading

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Stress and Wellbeing in the Workplace: The Positive Impact of Mindfulness

9th March 2016

Recorded in March 2016 this webinar considered stress and wellbeing in the workplace, and looked at: The long and short… Continue Reading

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Benefits of Mindfulness at Work | Business Minded

Three Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

9th February 2016

A blog post by Nikki Watters. Corporate Mindfulness Trainer & Professional Coach. When considering mindfulness training for the workplace many… Continue Reading

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Demystifying Mindfulness and its Place in Business

1st February 2016

On 28th January 2016 we delivered a webinar considering mindfulness and how it is applied within the workplace. During the… Continue Reading

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