About Business Minded

The aim of Business Minded is to introduce organisations to the benefits of mindfulness, enhancing performance, developing leadership and supporting employee wellbeing

Business Minded was founded by brother and sister team Nikki and Andy Watters: both qualified workplace mindfulness trainers and coaches.

We offer training that is business-relevant, evidence-based and non-spiritual.

Online Mindfulness Training

Our Philosophy

Business Minded provides mindfulness training specifically for the workplace. Our aim is to provide training which is:

  • Accessible to employees throughout the organisation: from boardroom to front line staff.
  • Evidence-based: we focus our content on scientifically robust concepts, models and practices.
  • Relevant to the workplace: we tailor the content of each course to the requirements of the individual client and ensure training is delivered in a manner suited to the organisation.

Professional Standards

Workplace Mindfulness Standards