Purchase Online Mindfulness Training

Online training to help you manage stress and feel happier.
Drawing on evidence-based techniques from mindfulness, psychology and coaching.
You can purchase access to the course for a single user here. If you are interested in providing this training to a number of people within your organisation please make contact via email: info@business-minded.co.uk

Benefits of the Online Course

Feel Better

Reduce stress & worry

Feel calmer

Be happier

Perform Better

Improve concentration

Think more clearly

Manage your emotions

Workplace Mindfulness Stress and Wellbeing

Average reduction in stress-levels of Business Minded students

Workplace Mindfulness: Stress & Wellbeing


This four-week online training course introduces you to mindfulness and a range of “Stress Busting Tools” and techniques which will help you to manage stress, increase resilience, deal with challenges more calmly – and feel more focussed and positive.
The course draws on the scientifically proven ideas and approaches of mindfulness, and is based on our in-house courses, which have an average 33% reduction in stress levels for participants.